One of the cornerstones of the services offered by BIA is to provide personnel who are both competent and reliable to be able to meet temporary company needs.

Flexibility and rapidity are two of the main elements that make work administration a fundamental tool for improving the organization of the company.

BIA provides multiple services related to work administration, guaranteeing a high quality standard for all.

Temporary administration

The administration of fixed-term work consists of the supply of qualified workers at term, to meet temporary needs of the company.

BIA is responsible for researching, selecting and hiring the best profiles following the needs of the client company. The chosen subjects carry out the activities for which they were outsourced within the client company.

The economic and contributory treatment of fixed-term workers is equal to that of employees of the same level and duties of the client company.

Our staff takes care of the process individual phases with competence and attention:

  • Effective search of candidates through the most innovative online recruiting tools
  • Screening of applications and selection
  • Recruitment of people appropriate to the customer’s needs
  • Possible pre-employment training and on the job training
  • Administrative management of the employment relationship


Outsourcing is the tool that allows companies to face the increasingly competitive market and keep costs to the minimum. We guarantee people with the right professionalism for every type of work. Our fields of specialization are customer care services, travel bookings using GDS systems, local cleaning, catering services and hotels.